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Getting Started - Navigation Chart & Workshop Slides

If you have NOT attended one of our worksops Start by downloading the 12 Step Blue Ocean Strategy Navigation Chart.

If you HAVE attended a BOSA workshop and have been given a login to this portal, follow this link to the "Getting Started" module to download the workshop slides and workbook including the Navigation Chart.

Develop Your Strategy

This portal is designed to help BOSA clients to develop and execute their strategies, with the support of our Qualified and Accredited Consultants & Coaches.

At least someone from your team should have attended a public or customised workshop, to help put this material into context. 

If you would like to attend a workshop, there is a link in the right hand column of this page to our upcoming workshops, and to contact us if there isn't one available in a location near you (eg. we can deliver custom workshops as well as remote programs through teleconferencing, webinars and cloud-based collaboration platforms).

The four modules below are designed to guide you through the process of developing your Blue Ocean Strategy. Each module includes information you need to know as well as tools and activities to complete. The focus here is a 'hands on' approach to Blue Ocean Strategy.

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Get organised and engage your team.  Get your people aligned and ready to collaborate on your Blue Ocean Strategy.


This module guides you through the tools, activities and knowledge to generate ideas for your Blue Ocean Strategy creating moves. 


The resources, activities and knowledge in this area are designed to validate and refine your ideas and strategy.


Now you need to implement. This module provides the tools, resources, activities and knowledge to implement your great ideas and strategy.